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Dramatic short about a father’s struggle to integrate his son back into family and society after his release from a state psychiatric hospital for a thwarted school shooting.

Uncle Johnny Productions is a place for storytellers and their stories. Born and bred in New Jersey, our team is an independent entertainment company specializing in the development and production of quality content for various formats – film, television, and video. Cousins Tom Slevin and Robert Palumbo, united a love of impactful storytelling, founded Uncle Johnny Productions to create films that spark debate and challenge the audience to see things differently. Uncle Johnny Productions is named after a relative who is loved by everyone. And like your favorite uncle, we love a good story. That’s why we are committed to creating art that arouses emotions through relatable characters and extraordinary situations, presenting an opportunity to look at the world in a different way.


Film Crew
Pre-Production Services

Our pre-production services include scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, and more. Every step of the way we ensure that the project is planned to perfection.

What We Do

Production Services

We offer a range of production services including filming, lighting, sound recording, and more. Our team of professionals use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that the project looks and sounds amazing.

Post-Production Services

Our post-production services include editing, sound design, color grading, and more. We use the latest software and techniques to bring the project to life.

Meet the Team

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Meet Robert
Founder & Executive Producer

Robert’s passion for acting and filmmaking began right after college with acting classes that led him to perform in theater, commercials, and an improv group. For a time, acting gave way to a successful career in sales. Now, Robert continues his acting classes with film coach, Eric Reis, in New York and has returned to the industry he loves with a commitment to developing and producing moving work that is relatable and thought-provoking to his audience.

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Meet Uncle Johnny
Face of the Company

Uncle Johnny is not just a name but the heart and soul of Uncle Johnny Productions. The centerpiece of every family gathering, Uncle Johnny is the uncle everyone wishes they had. Always with a great story and always willing to listen to yours, he embodies the spirit of family and togetherness that our brand stands for. Uncle Johnny is the inspiration behind every project we do, ensuring that it reflects the joy and warmth that he himself exudes. He is the reason why Uncle Johnny Productions is synonymous with quality and an unwavering commitment to making people smile. 

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Meet Tom
Founder & Executive Producer

With a nagging interest in screenwriting that wouldn’t go away, Tom sought out every online and written resource that could help him hone his craft. The self-taught screenwriter penned his first screenplay while running a successful leasing business. That first script (a comedy) gave rise to many others and was the spark that prompted him to join with Robert. Now, he has the ability to take his scripts from thought to visual stories and provide that same opportunity to other promising filmmakers.

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