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Our Projects

Uncle Johnny Productions is proud to introduce a captivating lineup of our media that promise to be both entertaining and thought-provoking. These projects represent the diversity and creativity that UJP is known for, and we can't wait to share these experiences with all of you. 

Award-winning Short Film

matthew poster jpg_edited_edited.jpg

Dramatic short about a father’s struggle to integrate his son back into family and society after his release from a state psychiatric hospital for a thwarted school shooting. This story of dark intentions and second chances, “Matthew” appealed to Director, Matt Servitto, because it “searches for hope in the context of one of the most grim realities of our modern world – school shootings,” Servitto said. “We hope the film will spark discussion about what drives young people to commit these acts and what we can do to prevent them."

Director Matthew Servitto (Actor The Sopranos, Banshee) 

Original Screenplay Tom Slevin

Cast Brian Keane, Zachary Zamsky, Ezra Knight, Louisa Erlich, Kim Yancey Moore, Matthew Palumbo, Robert Palumbo and Maria-Christina Oliveras 

Executive Producers Robert Palumbo and Tom Slevin 

Producer Christopher Pasi 

Status Streaming on Tubi and VUDU, Festival Submissions




Start Again by Griffin Berger
Music Video


In the music video for 'Start Again' by Griffin Berger, we aimed to capture the emotional essence of our short film, 'Matthew.' The composition encapsulates the film's themes of hope and transformation. Berger's heartfelt lyrics and emotive vocals, coupled with the guitar, serve as a poignant backdrop to the film's narrative, underlining the journey of self-discovery and redemption. This song transcends boundaries, making it an integral element of 'Matthew,' resonating with the audience and enhancing the film's emotional depth. The song beautifully sends the message that no matter our past, we can always find the strength to begin anew. 

Status Available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube


Shangri-La (Most Annoying)
Satirical Full Feature

shangri la .jpg

In the twisted world year of 2038, a former charity worker must end a disturbing human experiment at a living community where each week people vote on the most annoying person to kill.

Status Pre-production

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