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October 2023 

We are thrilled to announce that our short film 'Matthew' has been officially submitted for consideration at the 2024 Academy Awards. This incredible opportunity allows us to share our piece of art with more eyes around the world. We look forward to taking our audience on this exciting cinematic adventure, and we hope to make a lasting impact on the world of filmmaking - wish us luck!

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Film Threat's Review by Alan Ng

Film Reviews

Alan Ng's review of our short film 'Matthew' is a testament to the film's impact and craftsmanship. Ng's insightful analysis highlights the film's compelling storytelling, commendable performances, and meticulous production values. His review underscores the emotional depth and thought-provoking themes that resonate with the audience. It's clear that 'Matthew' has left a significant impression on Ng, and his review serves as a valuable endorsement of the film's quality and impact. Interview by Jim Beckerman



In Jim Beckerman's interview for North, he delves into a fascinating conversation with Robert Palumbo, one of the founders and executive producers of our project. The interview provides readers with unique insights into the creative vision and behind-the-scenes process of our work. Palumbo's perspectives and experiences shed light on the passion and dedication that have gone into making our project a reality. Beckerman's article offers a compelling glimpse into the mind of a key figure behind our endeavor, further enhancing the public's understanding and appreciation of our work. 

Garden State Film Festival Interview

The Garden State Film Festival's interview with the executive producers, director, and musician of the film 'Matthew' provides a comprehensive and captivating look into the collaborative effort behind this short film. The conversation explores the intricacies of filmmaking, from creative inspiration to the music that breathes life into the narrative. With insights from the key figures involved, this interview deepens the audience's appreciation of the dedication and talent that have gone into creating 'Matthew." It is an illuminating discussion that showcases the passion and craftsmanship that make the film a standout in the world of independent cinema. 

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